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It has been a little over two years since Arna and Gigi, the ex-circus Asian Elephants arrived at Taronga Western Plains Zoo.  Both girls are doing very well and have settled into their permanent home. 

Arna and Gigi are enjoying interacting with their keepers and learning new routines.  Gigi is very enthusiastic when it comes to learning new things and is definitely at the top of her class.

They enjoy going for a swim in their pool on a regular basis and interact with the Zoo’s other resident Asian Elephant, Burma.

Because of their age, both are now in their mid 50s or their twilight years, they both receive regular manicures to ensure their feet and nails are healthy.  Along with this special attention all the Elephants receive vitamins and glucosamine in their breakfast as a precautionary measure against age related problems such as arthritis which they are often susceptible too just like humans.

On occasions Arna and Gigi receive a treat especially when they are working with keepers and learning.  Arna really loves her carrots while Gigi just loves every type food!

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