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Eland calves

There has been a number of breeding successes at Taronga Western Plains Zoo over the past couple of months with births in the Eland, Barbary Sheep and Addax herds.

There are currently four Eland calves on exhibit, all of which were born only weeks apart.  The foursome is regularly seen together on exhibit and are growing fast.  A 5th Eland calf was also born but is currently being hand-raised by keepers in a behind the scenes area after it was abandoned by its mother at birth.  This calf is doing well and will eventually re-join the herd, once it is eating solid food and not longer dependant on milk from a bottle.

Keepers have also been delighted by the arrival of a set of Barbary Sheep twins in April this year.  The twins are also out on exhibit with some older lambs and are quite adventurous, keeping their mum on her toes.  On a sunny day they will sit with the herd and soak up the sun and sometimes can be seen playing on the rocky ledges in their exhibit.    

An Addax calf is the most recent birth at the Zoo. Born on Monday 20 May, the little calf has been in hiding for the first week of its life which is a natural behaviour and would occur in the wild to keep safe from predators.  Over the coming week the calf will start to be seen more with the herd and the older calves in the group.