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Giraffe baby TWPZ

Spring is in the air at Taronga Western Plains Zoo with staff welcoming five Zoo babies recently.

A Giraffe calf, Zebra foal, Addax calf and two Meerkat pups have all arrived in the past month and are proving popular with visitors already.

The Giraffe calf, has been named Fanana, meaning ‘to resemble’ in Swahili and has been getting a lot of attention from the other members of the Giraffe herd who are curious about the new addition. 

The Addax calf is the second youngster to be born this year for the Addax herd with another calf being born in May earlier this year. Addax are critically endangered in the wild so every birth for this species is very important. 

The male Zebra foal was born in the early hours of the morning on 24 August and was on exhibit that very day.  

Little Zebra foal


The young foal has been named Neo, meaning gift in the Setswana language, native to Botswana. 

The two Meerkat pups have also recently emerged from their den and are very curious, exploring their new surrounds with the rest of the troop.

This is the fourth litter for mother, Umi at Taronga Western Plains Zoo who is an experienced mother and showing all the right maternal behaviours.

All the babies are currently on display for our visitors to see.