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There has been a recent spate of births at Backyard to Bush keeping everyone very busy.

It’s hard to believe it was only two months since the birth of Backyard to Bush goat kids Diamond and JB. While still feeding from their mother, Eve, they are getting bigger and stronger each day and proving quite a challenge for her to manage.

With Diamond and BJ growing quickly, the troublesome twins are now joining the slightly older trio of Bruno, Malcolm and Stephen. The seven youngsters spend their days climbing, wrestling for attention and performing their well-planned escapes from their play area.

Also, joining the Backyard to Bush baby bunch are Max and Star’s five piglets. The two female and three male Miniature Pigs cross Wild boar youngsters are enjoying daily mud baths. The five not-so-pintsize piglets are more than a month old and they are getting more attention from the public now they are developing their colourful coats.

If the piglets and goat kids were not enough to keep Backyard to Bush Keeper Tamara busy, there has been a recent hatching of three Ducklings. These three will be the first ducklings to be displayed in Backyard to Bush. They will be kept inside under close supervision until they grow big enough to fend off local birds.

- Tamara, Backyard to Bush Keeper

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