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A northern brown bandicoot which survived the NSW bushfires is being treated by Taronga Zoo veterinarians

Bandicoot bushfire survivor

Taronga Zoo veterinarians have applied a fresh set of bandages to one of the smaller victims of the NSW bushfires – a bandicoot with burns on all four of its feet.

The Northern Brown Bandicoot was found in a bushfire-ravaged area near Lake Macquarie and transferred to Taronga from the RSPCA Rutherford Veterinary Hospital on Tuesday.

Senior Veterinarian, Dr Larry Vogelnest, said the male bandicoot had burns to all four of its feet from escaping the fires, but is expected to make a full recovery.

“His front feet have improved considerably just in the few days he’s been here and he’s eating well and adapting to the Wildlife Hospital environment,” he said.

With new bandages on his feet, the bandicoot will continue to recover at Taronga Wildlife Hospital until he is well enough to be released back into the wild.

Sadly, the intensity of bushfires means that few animals survive if they are unable to flee or safely hide from the advancing fires. 


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