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Ghost Bat Baby

The Ghost Bats have settled into their new exhibit in the Australia’s Nightlife prescinct, and have been joined by a new arrival.

Born on Halloween, our newest Ghost Bat baby is almost five weeks old, and is just over half the size of the adults.

The mother was pregnant upon arrival at Taronga, after moving from a wildlife park in the Northern Territory, so the keepers had been eagerly awaiting the birth of the baby. The gestation period for this species of bat is approximately three months, so it wasn’t long before they were able to glimpse the new arrival.

The new bat has been clinging to its mother, and clutching on to her stomach for warmth and security, however, the keepers say that the bat has graduated from a diet of its mother’s milk and has begun eating solids. It’s becoming stronger, and is taking flight, eagerly exploring different areas of its exhibit.

Keeper Robert explains that it will be a little while until the keepers will know the sex, so they are yet to pick a name. The bat lives with its mother, and three other females that it likes to roost with.   The Ghost Bats’ home is at the very end of the walk through at the Australia’s Nightlife, so make sure you take a chance to glimpse Australia’s only carnivorous bat. If you can’t see them amongst the trees, be sure to check out their ‘cave’, as they’re often roosting in its darkness.

Ghost Bat
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