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Beau the Echidna Puggle

From being a frail little puggle, Beau has grown and now looks like a real echidna!

Beau has progressed really well since arriving at the Wildlife Hospital in October last year and vet nurse Annabelle Sehlmeier is delighted about it.

“I’m thrilled with Beau’s speedy development! The weight says it all, now tipping the scales at 1.3kg from the initial 120g. With fur and larger spines, Beau certainly looks like an echidna now!” said Annabelle who also acts as Beau’s surrogate mum.

More agile and co-ordinated, Beau is also starting to explore the surroundings and exhibit echidna behaviours.

“Beau’s become adventurous and now climbs out of the  travelling box. When disturbed, the young echidna  will flinch, curl up or dig into the dirt, which is exactly what echidnas do,” Annabelle explained.

The adorable puggle lives in a large plastic tub with dirt that it can burrow into, although it still finds comfort in its nesting box that contains shredded paper and a tea towel. It sleeps most of the time but becomes active when hungry!

The five-month-old puggle used to feed only milk from Annabelle’s hand, but now, he is starting to get a taste of crushed fly pupae. Soon, Beau’s feed will start to include a special echidna mix, until he is off milk and is eating only the mix.“Beau has a way of telling me that it’s time to wants to eat by turning his side and snuffling my hand. When that happens, I know it’s dinner time,” Annabelle said.

“Beau is very used to people and so will be staying at the Taronga Education Centre to meet visitors and students and help educate them about the wonders of our unique wildlife,” Annabelle said.

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