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There’s good news to report from the bird-watchers monitoring the Zoo-bred Regent Honeyeaters in Chiltern, Victoria. We released the birds over four months ago and there are still plenty of them around.

Many volunteers are doing the hard yards, out in the cold and rain looking for the endangered birds high up in the trees each week.  The transmitters which we carefully fitted on the Regent Honeyeaters, like tiny backpacks, have now well and truly given up the ghost and have fallen off as they were designed to. The bird-watchers now have to listen for their chirps and spot their leg bands which isn’t easy!

This week 26 of the zoo-bred birds were sighted which is a really good sign, especially considering the cloudy and windy weather.

Warm weather is just around the corner and we’re all hopeful that soon we’ll be seeing some nest building.

- Michael

Taronga Bird Keeper

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