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Nick, Black Rhino Keeper

Today was an exciting day with the Black Rhino calf making her public debut, much to the delight of visitors in the Zoo. The calf, which we have affectionately nicknamed Effie, continues to go from strength to strength.  

The nickname has come about from the calf’s classification in Zoo terminology as an F2 offspring. In plain English, this means that she represents the second generation born with wild genetics at the Zoo. Because of this Effie is extremely valuable to the international breeding program, even more so because she is female. She will one day join the breeding program for her species.

Effie is continuing to grow and develop under the watchful eye of proud mum Bakhita. She is becoming more and more curious, often coming over to the fence to greet us at feed time and is very playful and active. 

A public naming competition will be held in the coming weeks to find a suitable name for Effie.

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