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Calf at mud wallow - Photo by Bobby-Jo Vial

Calf at mud wallow - Photo by Bobby-Jo Vial

The calf's getting more and more independent and is starting to spend time on his own in the top paddock.

He 's confident enough now not to need to be right next to his mum or aunts.

This afternoon, when the girls moved off from the mud wallow, the calf stayed behind, playing on the edge of the wallow and even blowing bubbles in the muddy water.

He's also becoming quite a climber, clambering over logs and playing on the big dirt mound, rolling in the dirt and digging around with his feet.

This afternoon the calf spent about two hours just playing and exploring.

The second he came inside the barn, he crashed on out his pile of sawdust bedding, asleep.

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