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The fledgling Southern Boobook

A fledgling Southern Boobook is recovering at Taronga Zoo's Wildlife Hospital after being found with a fractured left leg beside a road at Cherrybrook.

Unable to walk or fly, the young owl was placed in Wildlife Intensive Care at the hospital where she has received antibiotics and been monitored carefully for the past two weeks. She has had X rays, blood and faecal testing and a thorough physical exam. 

Taronga Wildlife Hospital Manager, Libby Hall said she was hopeful the owl would make a full recovery and eventually be released back into her wild home.

“Its early days but she’s making good progress, the fracture is stable and she is now eating well. It’s important that her leg heals completely as owls use their feet and talons to catch their prey of insects and mice,” said Libby.

Only 4-5 weeks old, the young owl may have been blown from her roosting place during a storm.

“It’s hard to say exactly what happened to her or her parents. I wish she could tell us,” said Libby.

Australia’s smallest owl, the Southern Boobook is found across most of mainland Australia and throughout Tasmania.


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