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Burma and Gigi, Asian Elephants

Our old female Asian Elephants, Burma and Gigi, are continuing to be great companions for each other and enjoy spending their days together sharing a paddock at Taronga Western Plains Zoo. 

Whilst they get along well most of the time, Gigi is definitely the matriarch and ensures Burma keeps in line and doesn’t try anything too mischievous.

Despite the fact that Burma and Gigi are 59 and 56 respectively, they are in reasonably good health.  The pair enjoys searching around their paddock every morning for their food, which keepers have hidden in and amongst different objects.

They seem to enjoy being part of the daily keeper talk. The pair really like the enrichment tubs they receive during the talk. The enrichment tubs are like old containers which keepers fill with treats. In typical Burma style, she prefers to crush hers instead of working out how to get the items of food out of the holes provided, whereas Gigi likes to puzzle the whole thing out.

Burma also really enjoys the wet weather, so she’s been revelling in the recent rainfall and especially the mud it creates. Visitors to the Zoo can easily recognise her from Gigi as she loves to cover herself in mud...and not just a light layer of mud; there’s lots of it!