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The calf's already been out exploring both paddocks and it seems his favourite thing to do is play in the dirt.

While his mum grabbed a bite to eat, the calf played around Aunty Pak Boon's legs and under her belly.

Before he went out this morning, we delivered a bag of wood shavings to his stall while he was feeding from his mother, Thong Dee.

He stopped feeding and immediately started pushing the shavings around with his trunk before lying down in them and then falling asleep.

The shavings were all through the stiff hair on his little back and Thong Dee even heaped more shavings on him, so he was almost out of sight.

We're blown away by the joy we're seeing on visitors' faces when they see the calf for the first time.

It's great to have everyone's support and he's bringing as much joy to all our visitors as he is to us.

Thong Dee's sleeping well now and getting about six hours a night.

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