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Our new calf readily walked onto the scales this morning and she is still her birth weight of 120kg. It’s normal for newborns to drop in weight before they start feeding properly from their mum, so we are pleased that she has maintained this figure.

The calf has been attempting to have some naps lying down in the paddock all weekend but between the two boys and Tang Mo, she finds it difficult to get some peace. They all insist on running their trunks all over her or delicately prodding her with a front foot. So, she’s only staying down for less than a minute before giving up and sleeping while standing up instead. She was able to get her own back on Luk Chai when he was lying down and she clambered all over him but he loved the attention.

The new calf is very confident and aware of anything new. Today, it was as if she wanted to join in the adults’ game of soccer in our daily presentation. She kept trying to chase the ball and showed an interest in playing with it. Porntip kept trying to line up to make her kick but the calf kept running in front of her to get to the ball.  

Elephant keeper,  Kat

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