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Our little calf is becoming more adventurous every day and is spending lots of time in the top paddock now.

This morning he got into the mudhole with the aunties and got covered from head to foot.

It is so lovely to see the visitors' reactions to him, especially when he gets a run up...he loves to run and is getting more coordinated and sure of his legs each time he goes out.

He's spending more time outdoors too. We really want to share this baby with everyone, so make sure you stick around.

It might take a little bit of time for him and aunties to venture out but I can promise you seeing this adorable little calf is worth the wait!

We are also beginning to teach him some manners.

He now has to wait in line with all the girls to go outside. At the beginning he would push his way to the front of the queue to get out first, but it is now time for him to learn patience and practice some elephant etiquette.

 Bobby-Jo Vial

 Bobby-Jo Vial

Photo: Bobby-Jo Vial

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