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We’re really pleased with the calf’s progress overnight.

He is looking stronger and following his mum, Porntip, everywhere.  He’s walking unassisted and suckling a lot from Porntip.

It’s very cute to watch because he drops down on his knees a little while he does this.

Porntip is very relaxed and calm and very attentive towards the calf and the other elephants are all looking out for her.

The calf was introduced to Aunty Pak Boon this morning and he is really curious about her.  She was equally curious and even though she’sknown as a bit of a tomboy she was really gentle towards him.  Pak Boonlikes to touch things with her feet, and she was gently touching the calf with her feet.  Porntip was watching very closely all the while butseems relaxed with Pak Boon being around the calf.

Although Porntip and the calf are in the barn, the keepers put the breakfast out in the paddock as usual this morning.  However the other elephants were not interested in breakfast and ran straight back into the barn, with Luk Chai leading the way.  They don’t want to be away from Porntip and the calf!

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