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I’m Amy, a vet nurse at Taronga Zoo. I started off here as a zoo keeper and was lucky enough to get some casual work at Taronga’s Wildlife Hospital, and since those days 11 years ago I haven’t looked back.

I love the fact that every day at work is different and there is so much variety in the animals and cases I see. One day you could be hand-raising a baby Feathertail Glider, the next day be x-raying elephants or doing minor surgery. That’s what makes coming to work every day exciting and special as you will never know what’s going to happen.

Rehabilitated penguin returns to the wild
Wildlife Hospital Nurse Amy returns a rehabilitated penguin to the wild

There have been so many exciting animal events for me that it would be hard to pick just one but releasing wildlife back into the wild that I have cared and nursed is something that stands out every time. It’s so rewarding and satisfying to know I have helped that species by getting it back to health and releasing it back to its natural habitat. I was involved with the birth of the elephant calf, Pathi Harn, so that was pretty exciting and I’ve also been lucky enough to work at Taronga Western Plains Zoo where I helped with their rhino breeding program.

The best part of the job is the variety as there is never a dull moment and also the huge range of species I get to work with, from everyday common animals like possums to the rare animals that you may only see once every few years like the Westland Petrel that arrived at the wildlife hospital few years ago. My job is the BEST job!!

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