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Michelle, TWPZ Veterinarian

Today Ushindi, one of our hand-raised Cheetah born in 2008, had his annual health check.  We were keen to check his development and to ensure he was fit and well. 

We are delighted to report that Ushindi’s health check went very well. He was in optimal body condition and the pelvic fracture that he sustained as a cub has completely healed. Last year Ushindi was diagnosed with gastritis and it was a relief to note that following treatment, his stomach lining now has a normal appearance. We are awaiting the results of some blood and urine tests that will tell us more about his general health but on the basis of the examination today he appears to be in great shape.

We are amazed with Ushindi’s development to young adulthood given his rough start in life; both he and his brother Mtoto have overcome some significant challenges and have done exceptionally well.

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