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Cheetah dental procedure

Gijima the male Cheetah at Taronga Western Plains Zoo took a trip to the dentist recently.  He has a problem with one of his lower molar teeth which is causing damage to the roof of his mouth. 

Keepers and Veterinarians noticed the issue at the animal’s annual health check and enlisted the help of a specialist dentist to help fix the problem with Gijima’s tooth. 

If the tooth was left untreated, the issue would cause Gijima a lot of pain and potentially punch a hole into the nasal cavity which could result in a severe infection.  The specialist dentist flew from Melbourne to the Zoo and reduced the height of the molar tooth that was causing the problem and then put a cap on it, so it wouldn’t cause Gijima any further problems.

Gijima is now back in the Cheetah breeding complex and is doing well following he’s trip to the dentist.