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Sule and Sembe

It may be winter here in Sydney but that’s not stopping the chimp family from enjoying the great outdoors….especially the younger members of the group, Sule and Sembe.

Keepers and visitors alike frequently stop to watch the antics of these two cheeky chimps as they show off their acrobatic skills on the ropes and climbing structures. A game of tag or tips is usually instigated by Sembe who’s not only older than Sule by five  weeks but also has unusually long limbs for her size and can easily out-run little Sule!

The giant hammock situated on the far right-hand side of the exhibit serves as a fantastic emergency getaway should chasing games get a little too heated…and of course both infants will eventually run back to mum for some comfort and a cuddle.

Elderly chimp, Lulu (60), on the other hand prefers to find a patch of winter sun and soak up the warm rays. She does however look on as the younger members of the group dash about excitedly. At times you would swear that her lips are curved at the corners in a smile, perhaps conjuring up distant memories when she too was a young spritely chimpanzee.

Diane, Primate Keeper


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