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We’re getting ready for what may be an interesting time down at Bird Show where Bruce and Connie, our resident pair of Andean Condors, have started showing signs they are attempting to breed.

Today they chased after each other displaying their massive three-meter wingspan and stretching  their necks with their heads bent downwards. It kind of looks like they are doing a very awkward dance, but not one you’d want to join in.

Bruce appeared to be making more off an effort than Connie! 

Connie and Bruce have also been spending more time in the nest box which is a very good sign. The smell isn’t that greatest though, but it is all part and parcel of the condor breeding game.

If they are successful it won’t be long till Connie lays an egg and then two months on we may have a baby condor chick. They've successfully raised chicks before.

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