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As 2009 and the Year of the Gorilla came to an end, the efforts to conserve these majestic animals are still ongoing with conservation and research, education awareness and our campaign “They’re calling on you” for recycling of mobile phones.  We’ve all made a difference but we must keep on making a difference, so log onto the icon for our campaign and get involved.

What we have tried to achieve, through our talks and Kibabu’s family is to show that these animals are an amazing and intelligent species with family ties very similar to our own.  Our gorilla group plays an important role in the education and also in worldwide conservation and breeding programs to help keep their species alive.

gorilla group 250

So next time I will let you know of some of the antics that our younger members of our gorilla group have been up to, but in the meantime come to the zoo and listen to one of our gorilla talks or have a chat to one of our keepers about a gorilla family or even about the mobile phone campaign and play your part in saving a species.

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