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This morning when the sun was shining and the storm was still out to the west our elephant herd were casually munching on their morning feed of palm trunks. Our first calf, Luk Chai, and the female adults pulled fibrous strips off their logs while Pathi Harn, the miracle calf, wandered between them eating small bits. While they ate, the newest addition, Tukta, was practicing using her trunk to drink water from the pond and moat. 

She would dangle her trunk into the water and then try to turn it under into her mouth. Sometimes she was successful and all of the water would go into her mouth, but at other times everything seemed to spill out the sides!

Halfway through eating, mother Pak Boon decided that the pond was also a good idea and had a drink.

All the water fun then ended when Pak Boon walked over to join the rest of the herd and Tukta decided to play with the giant tyre that was lying in the main paddock. She demonstrated just how far she has developed by balancing along one of the edges with all four feet!

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