Securing a shared future for wildlife and people

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Today we met our mentors for the first time. It was really exciting. This is what we are doing.

Our group ,The Fluffy Fairy Penguins, is designing a cut out so when you put your head through it you look like a penguin. Unfortunately the penguin has rubbish all around it and is saying “help me.”

The Super Saving Penguins are making toys. We worked really well together and listened closely to everyone. Our mentors helped suggesting great ideas, typing lots and helping with our paper mache.

Our group, the Curl Curl penguins is building a sculpture of a penguin with signs on the tummy to show how to save the penguins.

The Teenie Weenie Penguins are designing a poster and we hope the community will learn that penguins are important to the environment and they will take more care of them.

Our group, The Manly Flippers worked really well together. We finished our suggestion box and started designing other parts of our project.

Our group, The Awesome Arctic Penguins wrote a song today. We are hoping that after listening to our song that the community will put their rubbish in the bin, put their dogs on a leash and start saving the little penguins.



Our groups worked really well and our mentors explained things to us that we didn’t really understand. Our mentors were really helpful and nice.

We want to tell people to pick up rubbish on the beach and stop littering; to keep their dogs on a lead; to make sure hooks and fishing line go in the bin. This will teach people to save the little penguins.


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