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Darren performs with Olivia on his shoulders

Visitors at the giraffes were delighted not only to see Taronga’s tallest animals, but also to be serenaded by Darren Percival, The Voice Australia runner-up!

For a moment, Darren traded his signature microphone for some carrots and fed Nayota, one of Taronga’s female giraffes. After feeding the Zoo’s four giraffes carrots,  Darren started doing what he does best. He sang with bass and drums and even changed some of the song’s lyrics to describe Nayota as she stood behind him! With the way she moved her head, it seemed that Nayota understood and enjoyed the song!

Darren’s performance did not end at the giraffes. The BBQ stall right across became a mini concert hall, too! He was game to put Olivia, the three-and-a-half-metre Olive python, around his shoulders – of course, under the watchful eye of a keeper – while  belting out a rhythm and blues song. Olivia, too, did seem to enjoy Darren’s performance, taking an inquisitive look at the drums!

Darren’s visit to the Zoo was just a sneak preview of the upcoming Taronga Twilight Concert Series, where he’ll close the series on 23 March with his “The Very Best of Ray Charles” concert.

The Taronga Twilight Concert Series will be on every weekend from this weekend until March 23, as Australia’s best performers present the music of some of the greatest Number One albums of all time.  Guests will be treated to a night of great music and a picnic-style atmosphere with magnificent views of the Sydney Harbour as backdrop.

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