Securing a shared future for wildlife and people

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Orana Heights Public School

Students from Orana Heights Public School in Dubbo are wild for Rhinos! This week they held an out-of-uniform day where students had to come dressed in the shades of a Rhino – black, grey or white. From the one fundraising day alone the school managed to raise over $400!

The students have also been busy decorating their rhino calf. Students from Kindergarten to Year 6 have each cut out a picture to be placed on the Rhino. The images represent the things that need to be conserved in order for the Rhino to roam the earth for many years to come. They need food such as grass and trees, the Savannah they call home and water to drink. The finishing touches to the sculpture will see images of Rhinos placed all over the sculptures head as they need healthy populations in the wild to continue to exist.

Students and teachers will finish decorating their rhino in the coming weeks ready for it to join over 68 other baby rhino sculptures decorated by schools in New South Wales. The school sculptures will be displayed as part of the trail starting from February next year in numerous shopping centres across Sydney before returning to the schools where they will take up permanent residency.