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We couldn't be happier with the way our Tasmanian devils have settled in to their new exhibit. Bunyip and Devitt, brother and sister joeys born last year, love their wallaby "road kill" feature and are displaying many natural feeding, foraging and climbing behaviours. When they aren't out and about in the exhibit, they are always visible; you can see them cuddling up in the beautiful nest they have built in their den.

Their father, Tex, is generally always out foraging in his rainforest exhibit. He spends a lot of time in his den where visitors are able to see him up close through a viewing window. On warmer days, he loves to bask in sunny patches or sleep flat out on his electrically heated hot rock.

We have had great positive feedback from visitors and staff. The devils can be seen more easily and are displaying lots of natural behaviours. Visitors are spending time in the conservation and research rooms, reading the about the plight of the devils and  watching the videos, inspiring them to be very generous with the donation box! A sure sign that our vital message is being heard. Also, the 11.30am talk and feed is always very popular. In short, the Tasmanian Devil Conservation Centre is a big success for our devils and our visitors.

-Keeper Tony

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