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Edmontonia being put in position

After being extinct for 65 million years, dinosaurs have stomped into Taronga Zoo and are taking over the place!

They won’t be on display until the 2nd November as they’re still settling in and getting use to the Aussie climate, all except the Muttaburrasaurus which must feel quite at home in its native Australian homeland.

Their journey started over two months ago when the 16 animatronic dinosaurs left Texas in containers the size of buses for their ocean voyage to Sydney. Early this month the vessel arrived in Botany Bay, and after a stint in quarantine the dinosaurs were on the move again to Taronga Zoo.

It was all hands on deck when the trucks arrived at the Zoo this week. Dino Keepers helped move the dinosaurs into their holding stations at the Zoo. Among them was a huge, terrifying Tyrannosaurus Rex, many times larger than the juvenile T-Rex which arrived in Sydney a few week ago and has been spotted around town.

Over the next few weeks the Dino Keepers will be working around the clock to complete settling the dinosaurs into their homes across the Zoo, but even just corralling the Allosaurus into its pen was quite an achievement!

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