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Youngest calf Pathi Harn spent the time after his bath today making sure that he added a nice dusting of dirt over all that clean skin. This is something all elephants do and often thought to add a nice protective barrier against sun and insects for the rest of the day. Pathi Harn is just getting the knack of grabbing trunk-fulls of dirt and tossing it over his head and back. Mum Porntip sometimes adds a bit more. Meanwhile, it was time for nine month old Luk Chai to have his bath with his mum Thong Dee and Aunty Tang Mo. Luk Chai spent most of the time playing with a tyre that was suspended from the roof for his enjoyment. He put his entire back leg, up to the belly in it, then 'hopped' around on his other three legs, sometimes tripping into mum's side and basically having a hoot. Just when zoo visitors thought he might actually be caught, he popped out the back leg, inserted a front leg and started the game all over again.
Both calves are growing very well, Luk Chai is now 416 kg and Pathi Harn weighed in at 186 kg today.
- From Zoo Communications

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