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Elephant calf takes a bath at Taronga Zoo

Photo: Bobby-Jo Vial

He's loving his custom made baby elephant pool, which was cut down from a big plastic tank.

He's now getting right in and going under water completely, ducking his head under and splashing with his front feet.

The calf has his bath when his aunty Tang Mo is having her's in the next stall.

He's been staying in for about 15 minutes until he gets bored and jumps out to move on to the next thing, which is often to have a quick snack from his Mum, Thong Dee.

We've had to put toys like rubber tubs and tyres in the stall with him and Thong Dee when she is having her bath because if we don't he'll try to grab the hose with his trunk and get in the middle of everything.

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