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The young calf has been busy playing with Luk Chai in the top paddock. They push each other about and have a playful wrestle.

Us Keepers are always close at hand, watching them just in case Luk Chai’s antics become a little too boisterous.

The calf had another wash down in the barn with his mother Porntip. He didn’t get too involved in the bath, rather hanging out under Porntips belly.

He still spends a lot of time standing under mum. It will be a while yet before he has the confidence to explore by himself. He's still finding his feet.

Mother Porntip is doing the lion's share of babysitting and nurturing. She is a very protective and attentive mother. Unlike Thong Dee, who gave birth to Luk Chai, she doesn’t seek much help from the aunts to look after the calf.

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