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Luk Chai, Pathi Harn,and Tukta take a break

Taronga’s Asian Elephant calves (L-R): male, Luk Chai, 3 y.o. and 1272kg, male Pathi Harn, two and half y.o and 1034kg , and female, Tukta, nearly 2 y.o  and 932kg take a break together. That’s a huge 3.2 tonnes of elephant calves on one log!

They were photographed by Taronga ‘s Bobby-Jo Clow at the end of one of the daily Elephant Play sessions when keepers ask the calves to sit while the show equipment is put away.

The trio are rewarded with a treat of pineapple plant tops, which we humans think are very rough and inedible but the elephants regard them as a tasty treat.

This training is vital in the keepers’ relationship with the elephants as their management is based on trust and cooperation.

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