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There has been a lot of action amongst our Francois Langur community at Taronga.Our hand-raised female Elke has moved up to join our two new Langurs from Beijing.

The pair was bought to Taronga to complete the typical harem society of Francois Langurs in the wild.

Introductions have begun between Elke and our new male, Bobo. This introduction is an important step for Elke as the little female has not had direct interaction with any other langurs before. As keepers, we were aware that this introduction needed to take place but realised that it may not go to plan.

We are lucky to say that that the introductions between Elke and Bobo have all gone well with only a couple of minor tiffs. At first, Elke was a little shocked to realise that there was no mesh between her and Bobo as for all of her upbringing she has lived in an area next to her mother and father, learning from them through observation. We find that food is a great distraction but when that runs out curiosity kicks in and they both start to test the boundaries.

Elke learnt quickly who's boss but only due to her own playful nature. She decided to pounce at Bobo which put them sitting directly in front of each other. After a couple of seconds to realise the situation they were in, Bobo grabbed Elke’s long spike of hair on her head and pulled it. This evoked a deafening scream from little Elke and a jump to the other side of the exhibit, Now the langur has decided to keep her distance.

Now we are starting to see Elke push the boundaries again by presenting herself in plain view of Bobo only to spring away at his first move towards her. This playful behaviour may go on for some time until both are comfortable with each other and at that point we will be able to leave the two together overnight. At the moment, the pair are spending an hour or so together each day.

By Keeper, Mel.

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