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Meet our four African Wild Dog pups which are growing up fast! 

Born in May, the three males named Jengo, Guban, Zazu, and one female, Zahara, are very special to us.  Not only has it been a while since the Zoo has bred African Wild Dog pups but also their mother's the most genetically important female in Australia and New Zealand.

Since the puppies emerged from their den recently, they've been very curious exploring their new area under the watchful eye of their mother, Zuri.  Dad, Notch, and uncle, Browny, are very protective of the little ones although the pups are becoming more independent now as they get a bit older.

At feed time, all the adults make sure the puppies eat first even if it means the mature dogs only get a small share of the meal .  Usually it's a case of tug-o-war with the puppies as they tear the meat into smaller pieces between them and then take off away from the others with their share.

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