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Tamara, Backyard to Bush Keeper

Spring is certainly here at the Backyard to Bush where Amy the goat gave birth to three kids late last month and her friend Eve had twins yesterday!

We couldn’t quite believe how quickly she gave birth. She went in to labour just after 1pm and 20 minutes later her two kids were cuddled up next to her. Both are a little smaller than Amy’s kids but are doing really well, up suckling and walking around.

  eve and bubs low1

We have named the male, “Diamond”, as it’s pure black with a bright white spot on its head head. We haven't named the female yet, but there have been plenty of suggestions!

brown goat amy low

I’ve just weighed them both for the first time and there’re under a kilo. I weighed myself on the scales first and then picked one up for a hug and weighed myself again, subtracting the differences in weight.

They’re now having a snooze, nestled together in the soft sawdust as mum enjoys some hay close by.

goat kids low

Amy’s young are out in the farmyard. We’ve named them Bruno, Malcolm and Stephen and they’re growing up fast, about three times the size of Eve’s. The males are completely different colours, grey, cream and brown and they totter around their play area. They climb over each other and have fun on the balance beam we’ve specially set up for them, before collapsing on the hay for a snooze.

amy kids low
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