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When the sun came out after lunch we went for another walk to the Lower Paddock.

The calf found a tyre and began to explore it with his trunk.  Aunty Pak Boon soon joined him in the fun with his new toy.

Then he moved on to a tree and began playfully biting the bark before he came upon a hanging plastic disk that the adult females usually play with.

The calf ran his trunk all over it, feeling the texture.

Then it was back to the barn for a bath with his mum, Thong Dee.

While we were washing his mum, the calf actually grabbed the hose and started tugging on it.

He wrapped his trunk around it and kind of pulled on it, which is amazing for such a young elephant.

Before the bath was over, he got a spray from the hose and a brush down because he’d gotten quite dirty on his walk.

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