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The calf, mum and aunty Tang Mo explored the top paddock for the first time with us keepers this morning.

The calf really enjoyed it and found a large ball that he tried to roll around.

He was trying his best to push the new toy with his trunk. He couldn't quite manage to roll it around at first, but with the help of his legs he got it going.

Mum got herself all mudded up in the mud wallow. She was then ready to go for a swim in the moat and the calf looked like he was going to follow.

The top paddock moat is a little too deep for the calf just yet, so we talked Thong Dee out of going for her dip with some food.

We'll encourage Thong Dee to take the calf for a swim in the lower paddock moat this afternoon. It's only knee-deep so it's the perfect place for him to develop his swimming feet.

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