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Please note: Taronga is not presently running the Fearless program.

The last two ‘Fearless at Taronga’ programs in April were another great success. ‘Fearless at Taronga' is a short course which aims to address fears and phobias of spiders, reptiles and amphibians, through education and increased awareness. Taronga has now run 24 courses for over 350 participants.  As with the previous courses, the Taronga Keepers, Volunteers and Hypnotherapist Alistair Horscroft were amazing. Their hard work, passion and dedication, as well as the personal effort from the participants, led to another two 100% successes - 34 people passed.  Excellent!  

Comments included:

‘I still can’t believe what I was able to do and I now have a different view of reptiles.  It was a most amazing day for me.’ Reptile course participant, Shirley.

'You have definitely changed my life for the better.' Spider course participant, Cathy.

Everyone who attended the course achieved their personal goals and more, and they discovered how to form a new relationship and respect for spiders, frogs, lizards and snakes.  Some participants have even asked to come back and meet their new 'animal friends' again!  We look forward to seeing them at either our 3pm Spider Show at Backyard to Bush or the 11:30am Reptile Show at Taronga's Reptile World, as they demonstrate to their friends and family how they can now calmly encounter an animal they used to be frightened of.  Well done to all!

 Fearless 2010 Shirley 250

Fearless at Taronga runs at Taronga Zoo twice a year with the next courses likely to be in November this year. For further information /taronga-zoo/education/community-programs/fearless-at-taronga.aspx

- Australian Fauna Manager, Warrick

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