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Ian, Keeper

Earlier this year Taronga Western Plains Zoo brought a three year old female Greater One-Horned Rhino named Amala from Los Angeles Zoo in the USA.  Amala travelled 36 hours by air and road to join Dora our resident male Greater One-Horned Rhino.

Amala’s arrival will commence the Zoo’s third Rhino breeding program in addition to the successful Black Rhino and White Rhino breeding programs already operating at the Zoo.

Currently Amala and Dora are in adjoining yards but they do have contact every day through the fence.  Amala is quite social and often vocalises with Dora.  He in turn, is quite curious about her.  Once Amala reaches maturity she will be introduced to Dora during breeding season. Greater One-Horned Rhinos are solitary and usually only come together to breed.

It is hoped that in the future Amala and Dora will produce the first Greater One-Horned Rhino calf in Australia.

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