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All the elephants were dust bathing around the big dirt mound in the top paddock after their baths this morning. The boys were playing and having fun when the new calf decided to join in too. They were climbing all over the logs and running up and down the mound. At one stage, Tang Mo was concerned the new calf was about to topple over, so Tang Mo bent down and used her head to stabilise the youngster.  Tang Mo is always looking out for the younger calves and loves having yet another new addition to the herd. 

Porntip had a funny moment yesterday when she found herself nursing both her son Pathi Harn and the new calf too. The new one never seems that concerned about who she feeds off!

One week has passed already and our new little girl is still going from strength to strength. The elephant keepers are getting closer to finalising a name, we will keep you all posted.

Elephant keeper, Kat

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