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Taronga Zoo’s second youngest gorilla, Fuzu, celebrated his 2nd birthday on December 8 and for a special treat the group was given iceblocks.  Fuzu is a shy and reserved individual with the same pouty face as his mother, Frala, but he is really starting to take his place within the group, playing with the other siblings. They play games like chase and tag and strengthen bonds with other offspring.  Fuzu can often been seen wrestling with his older brother, Fataki, or in the front room swinging on the ropes. He really is a little character.  Our youngest gorilla, Mahale, (16months) makes a good little companion when it comes to play fights or chase when the other three youngsters get too rough.

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While our gorillas are growing up fast, in the wild they are still facing a lot of threats like habitat loss, illegal mining, poaching for the pet trade and hunted for bush meat.  This year, being Year of the Gorilla has brought much awareness to the plight of these magnificent animals and since we joined the “They’re calling on You” campaign, started earlier this year it has had a great response and is still going strong.  We have had over 2000 mobile phones recycled which has helped in the reduction of landfill and the recycling of the mineral coltan.  This has allowed us to send funds to the Jane Goodall Institution to help in the training of park rangers in Africa to increase protection for the gorillas and help with awareness and education in the local communities.

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So if you think you can help, why don’t you come out to the zoo, chat to a keeper about our mobile phone campaign, or listen to the gorilla talk and maybe even wish Fuzu a happy 2nd birthday.

- Lisa

Primate Keeper

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