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Fuzu building his nest

Every day, our gorillas are given a variety of leaves and branches for them to eat as part of their diet, but some days it seems like more fun for the young gorillas to either run around with them or try their hand at building nests.  Recently, our five year old male, Fuzu, found himself out on exhibit with lots of Olive branches, so he tried his hand at making a day nest. 

Nest building does take a little experience to get the technique right and Fuzu still needs some work on his.  Keepers watched him just sit in the middle of his pile of branches, while he moved branches back and forth breaking the odd one here and there, really not getting anywhere, but at least he was having a go. Gorillas build nests for sleeping in at night and sometimes nests are built for resting and sleeping in through the day as well.

Nest-building is learned by infants from watching others in the group, so Fuzu may have little more to learn about the art form of nest building or maybe he should just continue to eat the branches instead.

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