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Wild! Rhinos Student Ambassador, Hamish Wood

Schools have a unique opportunity to decorate a baby Black  Rhino sculpture as part of the Zoos’ Wild! Rhinos conservation art project. The painted rhino sculptures will help raise funds and awareness for the plight of rhinos in the wild.

My favourite rhino species at the Zoo is the Black Rhino.  I especially like their lip shape and how they eat leaves off trees instead of off the ground like White Rhinos.

I would encourage schools to get involved in the Wild! Rhinos project because it will help save rhinos which o get killed for their horns.  Plus you get to paint a sculpture of a baby rhino which will be so much fun and you’ll get to see your school’s rhino on a trail from Dubbo to Sydney before it returns to your school.

It is important to protect rhinos and other animals from poaching because all animals have a chance of becoming extinct if we don’t protect them.

I hope that the Wild! Rhinos program will raise enough money to help save rhinos from extinction and that people learn not to poach Rhinos for medicines.

Visit our Wild! Rhinos website for more information on how your school can decorate a rhino!  Get in fast as there is only a limited number of rhinos for schools.

By Hamish Wood, Wild! Rhinos Student Ambassador

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