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Giraffe stamp

If you’ve ever wanted to stick a Giraffe on an envelope, or have a Black Rhino feature in your stamp collection –you’re in luck.

As part of Stamp Collecting Month 2012, Australia Post has released the Australian Zoos stamp issue, which features close-ups of seven animals from some of Australia’s larger zoos.

A giraffe from Taronga Zoo and Chikundo the Black Rhino from Taronga Western Plains Zoo help round out a cast which includes other rare and exotic animals, such as the Giant Panda and Sumatran Tiger.

Our giraffe enjoy fantastic views of Sydney Harbour, and Taronga’s zoos help contribute to the Australasian giraffe population which is under threat in the wild.

Chikundo, a male Black Rhino, was born at Taronga Western Plains Zoo in 2000. He’s a big fan of banana, apple and sweet potato, and has a playful, relaxed personality.

Black Rhino stamp

Paul Maguire, Manager of Learning and Experience at Taronga Zoo, says the zoo is proud to be involved in educating a new generation of ambassadors for wildlife, so that conservation of such amazing animals can continue for many years to come.

A different theme is chosen every October to promote stamp collecting and educate primary school children in areas such as history, geography, science and technology and the environment. This year’s zoo theme teaches the importance of conversation and planned breeding programs.

The giraffe have already claimed a large poster-sized picture of their stamp, but the much smaller (and more versatile) 60c stamps are available now from Australia Post outlets, or online.

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