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Fanana the Giraffe heads to NZ

On a foggy morning in Dubbo, staff from Taronga Western Plains Zoo arrived early to prepare to load nine month old Giraffe, Fanana on a truck ready for the start of his journey to New Zealand.  Over the past few weeks keepers had been conditioning the young Giraffe to be comfortable in his transport crate so that he would be relaxed for the journey. 

Once Fanana was in the transport crate all went smoothly with the loading and the truck with Fanana on board was on the road destined for Sydney Airport as the first point of call.

Whilst Fanana will go by road from Dubbo to Sydney, unlike many other Giraffe moves the Zoo has coordinated, Fanana will actually go to New Zealand by air!  Because Fanana is a young Giraffe he is short enough to travel in the aeroplane’s freight hold.

Fanana’s destination is Orana Wildlife Park in Christchurch where he will join the herd following his quarantine period.  In the future, once Fanana is old enough he will play a key role in the breeding program for the species in Christchurch.