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Gorilla Enjoying Christmas Treats

This has been an exciting week for our gorilla group as they were treated to some Christmas enrichment.

Our gorillas have a very strict diet of leafy green vegetables, but it is the festive season and sometimes you need to celebrate, with a few healthy surprises.

The exhibit was set up with lots of goodies, like popcorn, and little red and green buckets filled with not only their daily food of carrots, tomatoes and other vegetables but also a smear of honey which they all really enjoyed. 

There was also a fig Christmas tree tied to the middle of the exhibit which had honey smears all over it and popcorn stuck to it. 

Collecting buckets of popcorn

As the gorillas came out of the night dens they were welcomed with the surprise, everyone enjoyed the festivities even to the point of our young gorillas Fuzu and Mahali putting buckets on their heads to get the last remaining drop of honey.

Kibabu our silverback always enjoys his food and didn’t disappoint the keepers by collecting most of the buckets before everyone else.


As the festive holidays approach, why not come out to the zoo and see Kibabu and his family, listen to our gorilla talk, chat to a keeper and enjoy the antics that our gorilla group get up to.

- Primate Keeper, Lisa

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