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Gucci the Goat

Backyard to Bush’s newest arrival is a 3 year old male miniature goat. He is stylish, good looking and the girls love him... so what better name for him than Gucci!

Gucci arrived in August and quickly settled in to his new home where he lives with a female miniature goat, BJ, and two lively roosters. Gucci and BJ get along well and enjoy lying on their picnic table in the sun.

Domestic livestock, just like other animals, each have their own distinct personalities and are very clever. All of the animals on the farm are trained, whether it be the ducks who go for walks around the farmyard area, the chickens who come inside their coop at night when keepers call “chook, chook, chook”, or the pigs who “sit” and “stay”. It’s an important part of their daily environmental enrichment and a lot of the animals really enjoy and look forward to it. Gucci is definitely one of those animals!

Farm keeper Holly is training him to do lots of behaviours. He is now able to go to his “station” before Keepers enter his yard to clean it every morning, he also goes for walks on his collar and lead, jumps “up” onto rocks and obstacles and does a “bow” as a finale! He is learning many other clever behaviours which I’m sure he can’t wait to show off to everyone.

Gucci will eventually go for walks in the Backyard to Bush Farmyard later in 2013 where you will be able to see him demonstrating his new behaviours!

- Backyard to Bush Keeper, Bec

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