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Andy Allen cooks up a sustainable seafood feast

Sustainable Seafood Day

Did you know more than 3.5 billion people, that’s half the world’s population, depend on the oceans as their primary food source, but if we keep consuming fish stocks at our current rate, there won’t be enough left in the oceans for us or the millions of animals living in our oceans that rely on them?

We simply need to get better at sharing this precious resource, if we want to have a future full of fish.

At Taronga we started our sustainable seafood journey a few years ago when our keepers who look after all the marine animals at the Zoo made a personal pledge to stop eating tuna (something they all loved), but an animal that was suffering because of unsustainable consumption & fishing practices. They felt they had to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk and make this change to help struggling marine life.

From these humble personal pledges Taronga now works with many people to help our community make better seafood choices. We've also worked very hard and our Cafe Harbourview was the first cafe in Australia to be MSC certified.  When you see the MSC blue tick on seafood products, it lets you, the consumer know that the product has been independently tested, checked and put through a rigorous process to ensure that what your eating is sustainable...and that there will continue to be plenty more of that fish in the sea.

To celebrate Sustainable Seafood Day, we were joined by Andy Allen, last year’s winner of Masterchef who cooked up a delectable sustainable prawn and pasta dish. Most of Andy’s childhood memories are of fishing with his dad and family beach holidays, that’s why he is so passionate about helping protect our oceans and the animals that rely on it.

Our Seal Show Keepers also said we had had to start thinking about fish differently. The Critically Endangered Blue Fin Tuna, for example can accelerate faster than a Ferrari!  That’s one impressive animal, on the same speed scale as a cheetah, yet few people know this amazing fishy fact or about the species at all.

So just remember, this Sustainable Seafood Day, look out for the blue MSC tick, that way you’re helping create a future full of fish.

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