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This breeding season looks to be the best yet at Taronga Zoo for our Little Penguin population.   This morning penguin keepers were delighted to discover lots of newly laid eggs in their nesting burrows, in fact more than ever before.
As our Little Penguins feasted on their breakfast of various fishy delights, we took a sneak peak into their burrows to see how things were progressing.  Nestled away in the sand banks of their exhibit are specially designed nest boxes, the majority of which are now occupied with busy breeding pairs making sure they keep their eggs warm for at least 35 days when they finally hatch. 
Although Little Penguins will often pair with the same mate for life, it seems we have some new pairs nesting this year also.   This is fantastic news for our breeding program ensuring we  expand our current population into several family lines.
Once common in the Sydney region, there is now only a single colony that remains in a secluded cove in the Manly area.   Hopefully with the continued support of locals protecting their habitat and preventing pet attacks this year will turn out to be a great year for all our little endangered mates.