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Our Barking Owl chick has been with us just over a week now and is growing quickly! He is now 500 grams and that’s a lot of growth for a little owl, especially when you consider at full size they only weigh around 700 grams. We’ve also named him Ripley! Although we won’t know its sex for a while yet, but in the meantime we’re calling it a he.

Each day Ripley is getting increasingly active. Ripley is starting to investigate his surroundings much more and that head of his is still swivelling … so much to take in!

We’re also very pleased that Ripley is doing all his normal owl things. Ripley’s instinct to fly is kicking in too, but unfortunately for Ripley no matter how much he flaps he won't get very far just yet, he needs to grow a few more wing feathers. Give it a few more days and he’ll be all over the place.

Foster mum Erin is very happy with bubs and even at this stage training has started. Ripley is currently getting used to scales and different environments.

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